How to Care for Your Brushes


It was super fun today to pay my daily visit to James Gurney’s blog and see Bill featured in a demonstration on how to wash oil painting brushes. I’ve tried almost every solution and soap on the market and, in all honesty, the most efficient and cost effective brush cleaner I have found is plain ol’ liquid dish washing soap. I prefer Dawn, and appreciate that it is also non toxic. It has also been a life saver getting oil stains out of clothes!

I definitely agree with Bill on conditioning brushes after cleaning them. Not only does it significantly increase the life of your brushes, but it retains the quality of the brush especially if you’re hard on them, like me. And again, no special brush potion is required. Bill has shown me regular hair conditioner works just as well!

The above video was created by Trekell, a wonderful brush making company based in California.