Soap Bubble Art

The weather in Utah is just as absurd as it is in Ohio and there can easily be snow and desert heat in the same day. However, spring finally seems to be unfolding and to celebrate in the midst of the budding trees, overgrown grass, and dandelions (our yard is momentarily the shame of the neighborhood), I’ve decided to create Giant Soap Bubble Art with my after school art students at the Walden School of Liberal Arts, the same school where Bryan works as a middle school social studies teacher.

This is an art project I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and Bryan and I headed off to Lowes and Walmart this afternoon to pick up the necessary supplies. After fashioning our bubble wands and mixing the bubble solution we headed to the backyard to test them out.

Bryan was the Giant Bubble Master. It took me a while to get the hang of it. I was concentrating so hard on making my bubbles more awesome than his that I stuck my tongue out without realizing it…

It was so much FUN! The special solution made the bubbles ginormous and made for a sweet photo opportunity. I can’t wait until tomorrow to make them with my students! If you are interested in making your own Giant Bubble Art you can find the how-to here.