This painting was intended to be a short and sweet study of my lovely friend Whitney, but Bill decided it would be a much more brilliant idea to turn this into a massive learning experience that would span over many grueling months.

But hurrah! I have finally decided to call it finished and be done with it. It’s not perfect, and the moody artist in me wants to despair over all of the flaws and tell myself I’m not good enough and…It was a learning experience (I remind myself yet again). With this piece Bill wisely instructed me to not paint things so obvious, but rather to paint the feel of the thing. This advice became my mantra.

To celebrate the completion of “Whitney’s Scarf,” I went down to Provo Art and Frame and bought myself a supa’ fancy frame.


  1. Kristina W

    What flaws? It looks amazing.

  2. David Shankland

    Awe, man! I want to see it in person! Is it 8×10 or smaller? Your skin tones are awesome. Great job!

    • Considering how long it took to complete I’m embarrassed to admit it’s a mere 8″x10.”

  3. Dad

    You misspelled super. Please write out the correct spelling of super 10 times.

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